Sunday, March 1, 2009

Books Read in February

Here's the update for what I read in February...

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
(Really enjoyed the first series)
Patterson - 422
Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever
Patterson - 409
Maximum Ride: Saving the World
Patterson - 432
Maximum Ride: The Final Warning (This is the second series of Maximum Ride, and it was nowhere near as good. The whole book was about man-made global warming and how we are destroying the polar was very tiresome)
Patterson - 304
The Tales of Beedle the Bard (It was a fun, quick read)
Rowling - 112
(Really loved this story. It is a short story out of the coming Mithermages series. I am really looking forward to the series coming out.)
Card - 112
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
(This was an okay story, geared more to younger children though.)
Patterson - 288
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
(The story was pretty good, however the writing was very good. Even when not entirely into the story I enjoyed how the author was putting it together.)
Skye - 400
The Time Traveler's Wife
(I really enjoyed this story. I have read it before and I picked it up in Friday night and was done by Saturday night, the story is that engrossing. A warning though: it is not a book for younger readers, it contains language and adult relations.)
Niffenegger - 546
Leven Thumps and the Wispered Secret (
The story still feels like it is meandering a bit, but written well.)
Skye - 162 (only finished the first third of it this month)

Page count for February: 3187
Total for 2009 thus far: 5076


Billie said...

I beat you by six pages! It's on for March!

Jana said...

WOW! That is a lot of books in one month. I enjoyed your review list. I might try Patterson...

Amberly said...

You are amazing! I am in a reading slump, nothing sounds good right now so I am not reading. What's the best thing you have read lately??

Mary Jones said...

LaTisha, I can't even go there right now. I used to have at least one book I was reading at all times. After number 6 I have slacked off. The only thing I read regularly is the scriptures. Do you happen to be a speed reader?

mommydeb said...

When do you find the time? I have only read a few books since Chase was born.