Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally Posting About Vacation

I had a few minutes and thought it was about time to post our Christmas and vacation photos. There's a lot here to go through....
Each time that we are with family the kids bond with different members of the family. This visit Annika bonded particularly well with her Grandpa and followed him everywhere. She had to be on him, touching him or talking to him all of the time. He was a good sport and I think even enjoyed it.
MacKayla smelling the flowers at the Temple.
Annika and the flowers at the Temple.
Mommy and Arabella on Christmas Eve.
MacKayla playing with some of her cousins on Christmas Eve.
A typical Annika look whenever we get a picture of her.
Opening their Christmas Eve present, they got princess jammies.
Bella opening her first ever present, she wasn't sure what to do but had fun being allowed to tear the paper.
Having gotten the jammies out, she found the candy canes on the tree and realized that they were much more fun.
Everyone in their new Christmas Eve jammies.
The Christmas tree after Santa arrived.
It wouldn't be Christmas if Kelsey didn't get the traditional bean dip.
"Are we having fun yet."
James and his new book, Mom and her new scrapbook.
The girls excitedly opening their presents.
"I love it!"
James loves his comic book.
Dad taking a break after playing Santa and giving out all of the presents.
Arabella slept through the Christmas festivities, so when she woke up it was her turn to have some fun.
"All for me, and I can rip it up, what fun this is going to be."
Arabella is having fun opening her presents and the girls are being their hammy selves.
Arabella playing with her Great-Grandma.
Great-Granddad playing hide-and-seek with Annika.
MacKayla cuddling with Great-Granddad.
One of the first exhibits at the San Diego Zoo. I used to go to the zoo every week when I was little and this scene is the one that is forever burned into my mind.
The girls on the hippo at Hippo Beach.
Family fun during lunch at the Zoo.
The most exciting part of the zoo for the girls, the elephants. They had never seen a real elephant and were so excited to see one.
Grandpa playing with his girls.
James cousin Jessica with her little guy Aiden. He is a little younger than Bella, but they had fun together. You could tell that he was an only child though, he didn't know what to make of Bella as she pushed past him to get the toys.
We had a picnic and played at the beach on New Year's Day. The water was cold, but the kids had a lot of fun splashing and playing in the water.
Bella putting her feet into the ocean for the first time.
MacKayla and Kelsey playing in the water together.
Annika running up to say hi to Dad.
This is in the hotel in St. George. We had been driving all day and were really ready for a break. I think Bella's look says it all, "we have been driving all day and you want me to smile, get real."
The girls are excited to be in the hotel. Shortly after this photo we went swimming in the heated indoor pool and we had a lot of fun.


The Freed Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun....and looks like you did things that you wouldn't do here in December!

Anonymous said...

First of all the beach, I'm so jealous. Was it warm? It looks like the long drive was worth it. I love the PJs picture with all of your cute smiles. My favorite picture is James and Arabella. Those sweet moments are hard to capture in a photo.