Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad Mom Again

So at some point I will finish the blog about Christmas and our vacation, but for now here's something else.

On Saturday MacKayla was playing with some friends out outside when she comes in crying that she hurt her eye. She said that she got hurt with a stick (why were you playing with a stick...). When I looked at her eye and it seemed fine I told her to get over it and to stop crying. Well when we looked further we saw that there was a scratch on her cornea, which apparently can hurt very badly, oops, I am a mean mom.

Thankfully we have a wonderful friend who is an eye doctor and despite the fact that he was on his way home, and that he had a party at his house in an hour, he was still willing to look at her eye. She was fine, the scratch was not too bad and they tend to heal quickly. By today I can't see the scratch anymore and she says that she can see fine and that it doesn't hurt anymore.

I am usually the patient one when kids get hurt, but for whatever reason (it couldn't be genetics and the fact that James and I were klutzes) MacKayla is a klutz and gets hurt all of the time. I guess I need to be more patient and and caring when she gets hurt, sometimes it is real.


Darin and Shannon said...

Your a great mom! Don't be to hard on yourself. She has two eyes for a reason don't you think. If ones broken she still has the other one j/k!

Jana said...

Oh, La Tisha I am so sorry you lost your ring. If I hadn’t found my diamond soon I would have been bawling. Did you ever find it? You are a great mom. I know what you mean. Sometimes I don't take my kids seriously when I should or I take them seriously when I shouldn't.

Bill and Tammie said...

Yeah well, I am the neglectful neighbor that let the kids play with sticks in the backyard! No reason to blame yourself, when you can blame someone elses bad parenting. Right?!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

What a WONDERFUL eye doctor and friend you must have - but his WIFE must be even MORE amazing since she probably didn't even beat him (very badly) for not coming home and cleaning for the party. Just kidding - glad MK's eye is still in her head!