Tuesday, September 9, 2008


These are a few of the photos that I took this weekend. I love to spend time outside and to enjoy the sights of summer. I am hoping that if I can spend enough time outside now that it will sustain me through the winter. So anyways, take a look if you enjoy nature photos.
I love how bright this flower was.

This was was neat as it stood out so much compared to the leaves around it. A happy spot in the middle of darkness.

When we took the girls to feed the ducks they looked so peaceful swimming and enjoying the food.

I love the way the water looks in this one.

This is a photo facing the falls.

The rocks at the falls.

The Temple from across the falls.

The falls from the bridge, I love this one.

More flowers for those cold wintry days.


Bill and Tammie said...

Beautiful pictures La Tisha! But I don't think any amount of time outside will be able to be enough to sustain you through our winters. (hahahaha)

Leserlee said...

Very nice. I do love that one with the yellow flower. Very nice. Are you planning to go to the zoo this week?

Elise said...

Love the pictures!! I love being outside too- just amazing. I haven't been able to get outside much here in Connecticut- we had a hurricane and it won't stop raining...but I guess that's why it's SO green here :) Hope all is well!