Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deal of the day

I have a good friend who is the coupon queen and she has been teaching me how to use coupons, well this week I think I might have done her proud. I bought 15 boxes of Electrosol dishwasher tables, 25 cans of tomatoes, and two packages of toilet paper, for the grand total of........$5.08.

The Electrosol were $.09 a box, the tomatoes and the toilet paper were free. I only had to pay tax on everything. It was awesome to pay twice as much in tax as actual cost.

Here are the photos of what I got.


The Freed Family said...

Okay, you are smarter than me....because I can't figure it out. Everytime I try, I do something wrong or I can't get coupons to print, ect. It has been more of a hassle so far than a savings.

Billie said...

Woot! That is very impressive. And I like your layout for your photo.

Leserlee said...

Where did you go to get such amazing deals, and is there a special day you go on to get the deals? I've tried doing the coupon thing in the past, but usually it isn't really worth it. I have found the store brand to usually still be cheaper. I don't get it.