Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Benjamin

We are excited to announce that Benjamin Roscoe Wammack has joined our family. He was born on Thursday, April 18th at 8:12 am. He was 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 3/4 in. He is healthy and is already such a wonderful addition to the family.

His siblings love him, and they love to hold and cuddle him. Jonathan is even taking it really well so far. Every morning he asks "where baby Benjamin go?" He loves to know where his brother is and he already will tell him that he loves him. The girls of course love to rock him and want to touch him so much, that eventually we have to remind them that he is not a puppy, you don't have to pet him all of the time.

Now for the photo bomb. Be kind to mom, remember that I had just had the baby and I am scary looking :)

 First time I got to hold him, he was about 30 minutes old.
 Isn't he a perfect baby!
He nursed like a champ his very first time on, and he hasn't stopped since!
 All snuggled up.
 Stretching out.
 The peaceful sleep of a new baby.
 In every ultrasound and any time he has his hands free they are always at his face.
 Eating his hand.

 Crossed eyed.
Feed me more mom!
 Getting ready for his first bath at the hospital, he wasn't too happy to be naked.
 I  love that the hospital is trying to make it so that mom can be more involved in everything when the baby is born. I have never been able to be a part of the first bath, but here they did it in my room so that I could watch. I was also able to be there while he had his first shot, as well as his hearing screening  I am glad that I was able to be a part of all of his firsts.
He really didn't like his first bath and he made sure that we knew that.
 Grandma Wammack came up to be with us while Ben was born and to help take care of all of the kids. This was her first chance to meet the baby.
 The girls excited to meet their new brother.
 Annika got to be the first to hold him and she did not want to let him go.
 MacKayla was loving snuggling with her newest brother.
 I love how happy Arabella looks here, even with a mask on you can see the smile in her eyes.
 Jonathan was very excited to hold his brother for the first time.
 He wouldn't let me take him until he had given loves to his brother.
Grandma looks so happy to be here with Benjamin.
 Daddy helping out with a late night hungry baby. He wanted to eat every hour his second day and after a while mom was tapped out, so he cuddled with dad for a bit.
 Getting dressed to come home.
 Very angry at mom for getting him dressed.
 Mom was so mean that she even put shoes on him.
 He fell asleep on the car ride home. He looks so tiny.
Annika excited to hold him at home.
 Second night home.
 Love sweet little faces while sleeping.
 First bath with mom at home. Still didn't like it, but did better than at the hospital.

 One week old already. He is fitting into the family quite well and is such a sweet kid. He is sleeping fairly well at night, 2-3 hours at a time.

My favorite picture from today. Love ya lots Benjamin!

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