Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's GREAT to be 8

We had a wonderful past couple of days. Yesterday was MacKayla's eighth birthday. She has been looking forward to this day for a VERY long time. Her grandparents and aunt came up and were able to be here for this special weekend. Today was her baptism day and it was a wonderful experience.

As part of her baptism program MacKayla was able to sing a solo. She sang the song "When I am Baptized." Here is a video of her singing it a Capella this morning. She hit all of the notes great while at the baptism, and said the only part that scared her was when she looked out at the audience and saw how many people were there, at that point she looked down at her music, but still did wonderfully.
 Her birthday cake, she wanted delicious dirt (brownies, pudding, Oreo's, and gummy worms.)
 She received a scripture bag, and some other baptism gifts from her grandparents.
 She received a pillow pet and other things from us.
 All three girls ready for the baptism, and yes I did buy all new dresses for the second time.
 My beautiful MacKayla, all ready to be baptized.
 The beautiful Annika, unfortunately her eyes were partially closed in all of her photos.
 Cutie Bella.
 My handsome men, aren't they the cutest guys in the world.
 "As white as snow"
 Male bonding.

 All ready for the baptism.
Aren't they so cute!  It was so wonderful!
 Our family all together.  Poor Johnny was really tired though.

 Happy Wammack Family!
 That's my girl!
We have also told the girls that when they were baptized they would be given the choice if they wanted to have their ears pierced. MacKayla choose to do that today and she did great with that as well. She sat there and smiled the whole time and looks beautiful with her new earrings.


Tammie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful day!!! Kayla looks beautiful, as do you all!!! Congratulations MacKayla!!!

Nancy J said...

What a great day. Congratulations McKayla. I love all their dresses. They were so cute.

Jana said...

Congrats MacKayla! What a beautiful, sweet girl you have. Loved all the dresses. You are an old pro now at buying them. :)

Jody said...

Congratulations McKayla! How awesome you all look great in your pictures! Beautiful!!!!!

Mary Jones said...

That girl glows. She is an amazing singer as well.