Saturday, January 29, 2011

Engineering to Bridge: We have a nerd alert

James found a fun Star Trek shirt on Amazon for Johnny and added it to his Christmas list.  Johnny received the shirt and had to model it.  Dad is hoping to make a Trekkie out of this one.  And yes that is a Gojira shirt, or as the American's call him Godzilla, that James is wearing.

He is an easy going guy.
Isn't that the cutest little grin.
"Live long and prosper."  He tried to get Johnny to put his hand up, but he wasn't going for that.

MacKayla has also really gotten into science and liking the things that her dad does.  So for Christmas she got a circuit set.  It allows her to build basic circuits and experiments.  Daddy helped her with the first ones and they had a lot of fun.  She now does them on her own.

That is a really goofy face.

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Anonymous said...

Why do we choose to enable our men!?! He does look cute in his Star trek shirt though!