Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas fun

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!  We were able to spend our vacation in California with our family.  The kids all did great on the drive, even Johnny was a good kid.  They did ask at least a few times an hour if we were there yet, and we had several "stop hitting your sister" moments as well as a few "if you don't stop we'll turn the car around and go home."

We were spoiled rotten by our family and had so much fun on Christmas morning with presents.  The kids did manage to stay in bed until 6:30, but there was no holding them back after that.

 Christmas Eve, getting ready to open their presents.
 New jammies, what a surprise :)
 The kids all modeling their new Christmas Eve jammies.  Annika has Dora, MacKayla has Hannah Montana, Arabella has Tiana and Jonathan has my first Christmas jammies.

 The tree after Santa arrived.
 The tree on Christmas morning, just waiting for all of the excitement.
 The traditional photo of all the kids coming down the hall and getting their first glimpse of the tree.
 "Dude, why am I awake and why are the girls making so much noise."
 Finding their stockings and seeing the great loot.
 Enjoying their stocking fun.
 All ready to open their first presents.
 A Barbie doll for Annika, a Wii Disney Sing It for MacKayla, The Gingerbread Man book for Arabella and Charger clothes for Jonathan.
 When Christmas morning was done we headed over to Grandma and Granddad's house to see that Santa had found us again.  I was really bad at taking photos here, but I do have this nice shot of the four WONDERFUL Wammack men.  Jonathan has a great legacy of men to look up to.

One of the gifts that MacKayla and Annika got that they really loved were roller-skates.  They had to get as much use out of them while we were there as it will be a few months before we can unpack them here.  Grandma and Grandpa were great sports to teach the girls how to skate.  They had a lot of fun and we ended up with very few ouchies.

 We have taught them well, they fought over who got to wear the helmet, they know they are not allowed normally to do anything like this without a helmet on.

 It was Arabella's turn to help the kids learn to skate.
 Testing out the brakes.

 Bella loved spending time with Grandma.

 She dropped her cookies and thought it would be fun to crunch them into the ground.

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