Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Fun

We had a nice Valentine's Day together yesterday. We started the day out with a nice breakfast of biscuits, sausage, pink eggs and strawberry milk. The big girls loved that the eggs were pink, Bella thought it was weird, but she did love the sausage. The girls went to a birthday party later in the day and they had a blast. After that James was shoveling the snow and I wanted to take the kids out to do something fun. We ended up at the bowling alley and I wanted to teach them to bowl, well wouldn't you know that it would be busy on Valentine's Day. In the end we went for a drive around town, then ate ice cream at home.
The girls on Valentine's Day. Gotta love the large amounts of pink, poor James.

This is one of Bella's new faces, she scowls at you until she gets you to laugh and then she cracks up as well.
MacKayla showing Arabella some love. MacKayla is a good sister to Bella when she is interested in being so. I didn't get a picture of them together but Annika and Bella have a great relationship. Bella gets so excited to play with Annika and Annika does a great job with her.

Always so serious...

Little smiles at least.
I thought this one was sweet. I don't care what the world says, a man is never so cute as when he is cuddling his baby.
Mom and Bella giving loves.
MacKayla being a ham.
Beautiful Annika.
Silly Annika.
A little bit fuzzy but you can see that Bella is back to normal. Thankfully the rash is gone and she is getting back to herself.
I haven't posted Bella and her silly sleeping in a while so here is what we find most days now...she wraps herself in her blanky (heaven help us if that one gets lost), and she plays in her laundry basket until she decides to go to sleep so there is an assortment of clothes in her bed as well. She is one funny kid.

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Jana said...

Looks like you had a nice Valentine's Day. I don't know if I've ever told you that I think your girls are so adorably cute. Love the photos!