Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random photo tag

You've been tagged
Here is what you do: grab your camera and take at least 5 random pictures around your house.
No cleaning up first, this is your house as is:
Here is some categories you could use:
Room that stays the cleanest
Work in progress
What someone else is doing right now
Favorite decor or display
Something that represents your current life
Favorite relaxing spot
Something hand-me-down
Etc. etc.

This is our "hot spot" and try as I might, this is how it always looks. Everyone's stuff just gets thrown her until Mom is ready to deal with it.
This is the master bathroom, yes the master bathroom is the room that has the Spiderman theme. I'm sure most of you have "grown-up" bathrooms, but I live with a big kid and I get a kick out of humoring him.
This is my work in progress room. This is the laundry room, every weekend we have the intention of finally organizing it...we we have been planning to do that for at least two years, maybe before the girls go to college it will be done.
We are trying to start our food storage, it is also very much a work in progress. With that said, we are set on oatmeal and cold cereal. This is the girls vegging in front of the TV, they are watching Reading Rainbow. I remember going to the library in elementary school to watch videos of Reading Rainbow.
I tag: whoever hasn't done it, I am having fun seeing other people as they really live.

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Jana said...

The master bathroom was a fun little surprise(enjoyed seeing that). Glad you are set on cold cereal. That is a staple in our house.