Sunday, October 26, 2008

We've got movement

Arabella has recently started crawling and is getting pretty fast at it. She is mostly doing the army crawl but she can get where she wants to with it.

Last week at school MacKayla had "Dress like your hero" day. When we asked who her hero was her first response was Jesus, we then asked if she had another one, hopefully one easier to dress up as. Her next answer was her dad, so she dressed up like her daddy for school. Here she is...

I have been working again at getting a great photo of the girls together so here are a few attempts, it helps that they are so cute and are mostly cooperative of mommy and the camera...

We also had the ward Halloween party and chili cook-off this week The girls and I dressed up for it. MacKayla was Darth Vader, Annika was a Pooh hunny-pot, Arabella was a flower and I was a hodge-podge of plaid.

Photo Fun...

The model

Continuing the sleeping photos

Messy eater

Big grins

Happy baby...if you click on the photo and see the large version you can see Bella's two teeth

Happy girls

Annika in her new birthday jammies


Leserlee said...

I didn't think James owned anything red. All I ever see is blue. I wouldn't have guessed her to be James with that shirt on. I wish Abigail would cooperate for pictures the way your girls do. Speaking of your chili cook-off, the Rhineharts did a great job of putting ours together. Lots of good food. Wish I would have known ahead of time that they won an award last year, I would have tried theirs.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Brad wants to know where the hero's BYU hat is? Your pictures are great! Can't wait for la pachanga!