Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I tend to only update the blog when I have good photos of the girls to share, but I thought I would do a simple update on our lives for this one.

Not much is going on...the end.

Okay, I am sure that something is, but life has been really boring lately. I love summer, but I am ready for school to start if only to add some schedule to what we do. I find that too often in the summer if I have nothing to do, I will do nothing.

The girls have also been driving me nuts lately, they have a great love/hate relationship. They cannot stand to be apart, but when they are together all they can do is fight, I might as well set up a boxing ring and let them go at it. Oy vey!

Anyways, for something good...Arabella is six months old as of last week and is as cute as ever. She is starting to be able to sit up, with a little bit of help she can sit for a while. She still loves to eat and gets very mad when you do not get the food in there fast enough, silly kid.

James and I started a new calling this past Sunday. We are the Sunday School teachers for the 15-18 year olds. They are a great group of youth, and I think this will be a fun calling. We were thinking back to the Sunday School teachers that we had and we remember not so much the lessons, but the people, you couldn't beat having Cassie and Stan. When we were asked to accept the calling we were warned that this is an important age that they are at and that we need to be examples and help them stay on the right track...talk about intimidating. It will be fun...right.

I think that is the extent of my ramblings for tonight...it is kinda cathartic to just write, I might have to do this again.

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Leserlee said...

Well, if you guys are bored, seriously, come on over. We love company. We are planning to go to Youth Jam sometime this week (on Thursday probably) and today we are going over to the county fair (it's free). You are more than welcome to join us.