Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bob, why did you have to leave me?!?

Dear Bob,

I miss you so much!  I miss your bright visage, the warm greetings that you shared with me every morning and the way you always helped me to feel connected.  I know that I am spending time with Hal now, and I hope that you aren't too jealous, but see I needed someone to keep me company, and you had to go away.  Things were just getting too hot when we were together.  I know you were doing your best, but I needed you to be more reliable.  One day, hopefully soon, you will be back in my life and we can be happy together again. 


(For those of you who don't remember, Bob is my computer.  He has been having overheating problems and I had to take him in to get repaired.  I haven't been a day without Bob since I got him, he even went to the hospital with me when Johnny was born.  I was told it could take as long as six weeks until I get him back.  In the meantime I am using James' computer, but it feels like I am cheating on Bob.  Oh well, hopefully we get this fixed soon and can get back to our computing together.)

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