Monday, July 11, 2011

What happens when you have three older sisters?

Poor Johnny, being the fourth child is bad enough, but to have three older sisters, he is in trouble.  Despite the fact that we buy him lots of dinosaurs, trucks, robots and "boy" toys, he still ends up playing with ponies, dolls, and hair things.  The girls are pretty good about keeping gender stereotypes alive, they would never dress him in girl clothes or anything like that, but he still manages to find all of their toys and has a ton of fun playing with them. 

The following are a few photos of what happens when you have a bunch of big sisters.  Direct quotes from Johnny (or at least what he would say if he could.)

"You get to sit on a pink blanket, because that is the picnic blanket that we have."
"Your big sister declares that you have to be the baby and sit in her stroller so she can push you around."
"You get to look cute sporting a pink stroller."
"One sister gets a photo with you and the rest decide they need one as well."
"The best part though - having three sisters that love you more than anything and love playing with you, even if you end up in the stroller."
"I am still the manliest man around though, check out my cool mohawk!  And I am serious with what the shirt says, as much as I love them, I would trade one of these girls for a new puppy."

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