Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Man is Growing Up

My little guy is already 9 1/2 months old, I can't believe how fast he is growing up.  He had his check up two weeks ago and he was 20lbs 5oz, 28.5 in, right about the 50% for height and weight.  He has graduated from his infant carrier (just too darn heavy) and is now in his big boy chair, he doesn't really like it yet, but I hope he will soon.

Today he also reached a milestone that doesn't usually happen for several years in this house, he had his first haircut.  Daddy had been saying that he looked like a hippie.  He did pretty well, although he did get a bit fussy about having to sit so still.  The lady that did it was also a ditz.  She asked me about five times in as many minutes how old he was and if it was his first haircut.  Oh well, it does make him look older now.


It doesn't look like much of a difference in the photos, but in person you can tell.

If you notice he has on a cool shirt, we found some really fun retro shirts and for the first time ever in parenthood, James actually likes looking at kid clothes.  In the past he would humor me when I would show him cute girl clothes, but now that the boy gets awesome stuff, he really likes it.

Here are a few more of him in his cute shirts.

He looks funny, but this is his robot shirt.
This one is Daddy's favorite!

I don't think I ever mentioned when Johnny got his first teeth.  His first one came in about a month ago and the poor guy got a yucky ear infection in the right ear.  Well two weeks later the second tooth comes in and he got an ear infection in the left ear.  The poor guy was miserable.  Let's hope the trend doesn't continue for the rest of his teeth.  Here you can see his little teeth, you might need to click on the photo to make it larger to really see them.
I love that smile!

One more photo, just because I love sleeping baby pictures.
Isn't he adorable!

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