Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Arabella

I am a little late with this but my beautiful Arabella turned 3 at the end of January. She is a fun kid and brings a great deal of joy to our family.

  • She is the one that causes the most drama, but also can give the best cuddles.
  • She is the one obsessed with clothes, shoes, makeup and all things girly.
  • She is the one who loves to watch Mythbusters with her dad, and will beg all day to be able to do so.
  • She is the one who will beg all day for her sisters to be home and play with her, but will boss them around all day and get mad when they wont play her way.
  • She is the one who loves Johnny so much and can't wait to play with him.
  • She is Arabella Kylie Wammack, and she is wonderful!
Arabella had a Tangled party and loves all things with Rapunzel on them! 

    Here she is modeling her Tangled shirt.
    I love the impish grin here.  She is just waiting to cause trouble.
    Long distance doesn't keep us away from families on our birthdays.
    With a little bit of help she blew out all of her candles.
    Her Tangled birthday cake.
    Gotta love licking the frosting off!
    Bella loves to be Super Bella and tie her blankies around her neck and run around saving the day.  As such I asked a friend to make a cape for her so she could be Super Bella, and she loves it!  She puts on her cape and takes care of the world.
    Opening presents, so much fun!
    Her very own Tangled doll, she was so excited for that.
    In the end Annika picked out Bella's favorite present.  Annika picked out a Pillow Pet for her birthday and the other kids have really wanted once since then, so Annika decided to buy one for Bella.  Bella loves it so much and will not sleep without it.  I love the look on her face, pure JOY!

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    Perfectly Imperfect said...

    There should be a reaction called "SAAAAAADDDDDDD!!!" Bella is NOT 3... NO! She was just a newborn like 10 seconds ago! She sure is darling. Just like your other kids. *sniff* THREE! *snifffff*