Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can we start this day over?

Long day today:
9:30 Get a start on the day and get the kids registered for swim lessons next week
10:30 Watch the kids playing at the park, then MacKayla falls off the monkey bars
11:30 X-rays being taken at the ER for MacKayla
12:30 Doctor confirms a buckle break on her wrist, the left one of course, because she is a lefty
1:30 Get out of the ER
2:30 Cancel said swimming lessons as MacKayla will be in a cast


MaryAnn said...

We just got Hailey's cast off for the same fracture on the same wrist! Not fun! She wasn't even 2 yet! Good Luck!

Lorraine said...

Hi MacKayla,

We're so sorry to hear you got hurt. Those monkey bars are really, really, really fun until you fall off. I fell off when I was about your age. I was in first grade. I was showing off to a girl in my class. She thought it was funny. I didn't. I broke my head instead of my wrist. I think that explains a lot. How long do you think the cast will be on? Can I write on it when we visit? I'll try to think of something funny to write. Maybe a picture, too. Write when you can. Opps, sorry. Will you be able to write? I guess we'll see your cast on Sunday. We're excited to see it! Not everyone gets to have a broken wrist!

Love, Grandpa, Grandma, & Kelsey

Jana said...

Poor MacKayla! Hope she recovers quickly. Those darn breaks!

Erin said...

What a bummer, and during summer!! Hope the cast comes off soon!

James said...

I have yet to break any bones, although I was dropped on my head as an infant. I guess it wasn't too bad; the coffee table broke my fall.

Amberly said...

Poor MacKayla! Tyler wasn't working that day, so you didn't even get to see a familiar face!