Saturday, October 3, 2009

R.I.P. Annika

Well the demise of Annika has finally occurred.... For the past month or so Annika has wanted a haircut. We had agreed that she would get one next summer, we wanted long hair for dance. Well today the little, I want to say doofus, but that would be mean, I'll stick with goober, decided to cut her own hair. She took a chuck about six inches long from the front of her hair. At that point she was strung up as a lesson to the other two not to try anything like that.In all actuality, I took her in and she got a haircut. She is now the proud owner of her first pair of bangs. I think she looks cute with bangs, except that we will have to train the awful cowlick that she has. So here is the new Annika.
Here she is showing off some of our Halloween decorations.
MacKayla lounging about, anything to get out of work with that one.
Bella being her adorable self.


Leserlee said...

I like her better without bangs, but then again, I'm not much of a bangs person. And Bella always cracks me up. Mikayla is looking gorgeous as always.

Mary Jones said...

I guess everyone has to do that once in there life, but the trauma it causes to the Mama. So sorry. Luckily she looks great, like it didn't even happen. Bangs can be a trial as well. Hope you figure out the cowlick.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I was glad to see that when you strung her up you also with held food.

Poor Laticia. I'm telling you, you make it through children... well, you will just be too tired to do anything else. zzzzzz