Monday, July 13, 2009

*Update* Great deals - Plus a contest for you

*Update* The winner of the contest was Tina! She was off by only $0.51, way to go Tina, I will drop off your coupons later. Thanks for playing everyone!

Total paid for everything $43.79 of which $8.07 was just tax
Total Saved $289.82

Today was a great day for shopping and I want to share the fun with you. Whoever guesses the closest to the amount that I spent will win the coupons needed to buy 10 Mac and Cheeses, 4 Easy Macs, 2 Capri Suns and 2 BBQ sauces for less than $3.00 (you will pay tax and $2.50 out of pocket but will leave with a $1.50 Catalina to use on your next trip.)

Here is what I bought today.
75 boxes of Mac and Cheese
30 Containers of Easy Mac
20 BBQ sauces
25 Capri Suns
22 Tuna pouches
7 Bags of chips
7 Candy bars/gum

Hints for you
1. I paid tax on everything
2. The tuna was on sale 3/$4 and I had $1.5 off 3 coupons, so I did pay a bit for them
3. The amount is >than $30, but <$50. The contest ends at 10:00 tonight.


Tina said...

I truly have no idea...or how anyone has the patience to figure these things out...but Iwould love the coupons!

Nancy J said...

You are getting good at this. I wish I had the patience for such things. Way to go. I say $41.72

The Freed Family said...

That's a lot of food---I guess I'll guess $38.95

Mom of Five said...

Wow! I guess $37.30

Desi said...

Oh my goodness! That is so impressive! I wish so much that stores here doubled, or did anything, with coupons! CVS has some cool deals sometimes (pharmacy store) but that's IT! You did a great job!!!

Kim said...

I'm in awe of all you coupon shoppers. How do you do it?

Leserlee said...

See what happens when I go on vacation? I miss a great contest. Though I probably wouldn't have used the coupons anyway.

Tina said...

Woohoo! I am so excited..I think we are heading over tonight :)

Jana said...

WOW LA TISHA!! I totally missed out on a fun contest, but happy for Tina!!

That is a bunch of CRAZY deals going on!!