Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun Times

It's finally summer time! Here are some pictures of the flowers blooming and the girls playing outside.

Here are some pictures of the girls having fun and playing together.

Arabella is a happy and cute little girl.

Arabella LOVES eating! Here are some attempts at eating green beans, she decided to try to help herself and you can see that she managed to get it all over herself. We also have a cute one of daddy feeding her.

Annika decided to help me to make bread the other day and she had a blast doing it.


Leserlee said...

I love your Columbine. It's one of my favorites. Of course I don't have any though. Maybe once we get the backyard landscaped I'll get some. Until then I'll just have to keep hoping the one I still have alive that I started from seed will survive. Maybe if I water it...

Coburn Kids said...

Wow! Is that grass? And flowers? I think I've only seen snowy pictures of your place so far. It's good to know you're getting some sunshine. We love you and miss you.

JulieJ said...

Very cute pictures!