Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As we are now three weeks into January, I thought I would finally write our year in review for 2007.

We had a lot of fun in 2007, most of the year was pretty uneventful, but I will try to highlight the best parts.

MacKayla turned 4 in March and had her first party with friends. We had a princess party and the kids made necklaces and wore crowns. MacKayla's favorite present was her "big-girl" bed. She has a twin size bed complete with princess sheet sets, comforter and pillows.

Mom and Dad came up for a visit in April and while they were here we celebrated James' birthday. This year he had a Spider-man party. If I can't have sons at least I can have a husband who likes fun things. His favorite gift from his birthday was his Lego's.

In May MacKayla had her first dance recital. She performed in the songs "Grand Old Flag" and "Bippity-bobbity-boo" her costume was Cinderella, and she loved it.

The summer brought weekly park days in which the kids had a blast playing with their friends from the ward, and I loved having "grown-up" conversations during the day. We also went to the zoo almost every week during the summer. We have a small zoo, but it's perfect for an afternoon outing.

In June we found out that we were going to be having another baby. The whole family was really excited, the girls were both really excited to be big sisters.

During June MacKayla also took swimming lessons.

July brought our first big family vacation. We went to Aspen Grove in Utah. It's the only kind of camping that James would voluntarily participate in, mostly because you have a bed, shower and real food. We loved our time up there, the girls still talk about their groups and sing the songs. We spent the time up there with Mom, Dad, Kelsey, Danny, Rachel, Ben, Hannah and baby Elizabeth. The only thing that marred the trip was the Mom and Annika both ended up with nasty bouts of the stomach flu, but thankfully it cleared up fast.

In August, MacKayla went back to school for her second year of preschool. She loves her teachers and loves learning.

MacKayla and Annika started dance in September, they love it and it really is cute to watch them as they are learning. MacKayla is getting the hang of some of the basic dance steps and really gets into it. Annika is excited as can be each week for dance and just loves her teacher and wants to do everything right.

September also brought exciting news as we learned that we were going to be having another little girl. We must need to learn to love pink more than we already do. The baby is going to be named Arabella Kylie, and she will be joining the family on February 4th.

In October Annika celebrated her third birthday. She continued in the tradition since her first birthday and had a Winnie the Pooh birthday party. She really loves Pooh bear. Her favorite gift of the year was he Pooh bedding set. She refuses to have anything else on her bed but the Pooh set.

With the addition of a third baby looming, in November we took advantage of some great sales and bought a new car. Our little Corolla would not have allowed a third carseat so we are the proud owners of a mini-van. We have a 2008 Toyota Sienna. The car is awesome, it has so much space and drives wonderfully. I was also excited that we were able to get it in blue, how much cooler can you get.

Last but not least came December. For my birthday James and I went our to breakfast and then went shopping for presents. It was fun to spend a morning together and out of the house. My favorite gift for my birthday has to be my Kitchen-aid mixer, I love it. Never before has bread been so fun to make. In fact my neighbors love it too as I have taken to trying to find the best cinnamon bun recipe and have shared the results with them as well.

Christmas was a blast this year. We stayed here in Idaho, so we didn't get to spend the Holidays with family, but the girls are finally old enough to get into the spirit and they made it so much fun. We decorated the whole upstairs living room for Christmas and had a huge real tree. James also got to use the fake tree downstairs for all of his Star Trek and Star Wars ornaments. He was a happy kid. Not to brag, but we have the best family in the world and they spoiled us rotten for Christmas, we loved it. The kids received so many wonderful toys and just love to play all day long with them. James was very excited to receive tow Lego sets and he had them both built by the 26th. I got some new books, and I love having more books to read. Our favorite family gift has been Disney Scene It! The girls beg every night to be able to play the "family game" and we are amazed by how much they know and how much they get into the game.

I think I hit on all of the big events of the last year. All in all, it was a wonderful year and we are looking forward to this one being even better.

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Leserlee said...

It's funny how our husbands work together, yet we know almost nothing about each other. I love blogging. I hope everything goes well with that baby of yours (when she gets here, that is). Get James to go to more "work" parties, then we will get to know each other better (if our children cooperate).